Raghu Ram o napetosti između Indije i Pakistana: Moramo se pobrinuti da se ne radi o tome, nego o samoodbrani i odlučnom djelovanju


Television producer and actor Raghu Ram will soon be seen in India’s first sci-fi thriller web series, ‘A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend’. While the third season of the series will take on a battle between good and evil, Raghu spoke at length about the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan, post the Pulwama teroristički napad.

Sharing his thoughts on countering terrorism, Raghu said, “I believe Indians do not want war, I believe Indians have a right to self-defence. Once America experienced 26/11 they make sure it didn’t happen again. I think we had multiple terorista attacks on us and there is no dought about the source of these attacks. Not just India but also the USA and Israel, all these countries are saying that Pakistan has beautiful people and all, but there are terrorist cells and training camps which are supported by their government or by their army and they are creating havoc not just in India but in Afghanistan, USA and all these places. I don’t think there is much doubt in the presence of these terrorist cells in Pakistan and I think India needs to defend itself and make sure that attacking us is not a happy thought for anybody.”

Reiterating that he is against war, he said, “I am very against war, now it is not a time to debate, I believe its a time for decisive action which we trust the government will take and we stand by the government.”

Raghu went on to share his idea of patriotism and vehemently lashed out at those beating up fellow Indians and Kashmiri students in the name of being patriotic. He said, “There is another issue which is happening where every idiotic person on the streets behaves like the soldier on the front and starts beating up Indians thinking that he is doing a patriotic thing. If you are beating up students, if you are beating up Kashmiris, if you are protesting for a bakery which has Karachi in its name, you think that is what India wants? That is what patriotism is? That’s idiotic, not patriotic.”

The actor also shared his thoughts on the ban of Pakistani artist in India. “When the conversation is about how to secure our border, how to make sure no terrorist attack happens and you try to talk about whether Pakistani artist should be ban in India or not? I think you missed the point, I think you missed the f***ing point. Okay, let us ban them, can you guarantee me that there will be no terrorist attack? If you can’t, then shut up. Let somebody else solve the problem. This is the behaviour that we really need to stop and really need to make sure that this is not about hate, this is about self-defence and decisive action. That’s what I believe.”

The web series ‘A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend’ will be streaming on Arre and MX Player from March 4.

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